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Set Package B

Set Package B

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Any order please provide below information:
-Colour requirement:
-Reference template:

  • Order Placement Agrees to Terms and Conditions

    Notices and Order Service Details


    Important Notices:


    1. Convenient Modifications:

       - To ensure your satisfaction, we provide the convenience of modifying designs until they meet your expectations.


    2. Finalization Disclaimer:

       - To honor the efforts of our designers, once you approve and confirm the final design, refunds or redesign requests cannot be accommodated. However, minor adjustments as part of our after-sales service are welcome.


    3. Purchase of Source Files:

       - The source files for the finalized design are limited to one per order. Additional copies can be purchased at the original price. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


    4. Product Description:

       - Our focus is on design services and does not involve printing or the production of physical items.


    5. Ordering Process:

       - After placing your order, please connect with our designers via Whatsapp for smooth communication and alignment.

       - To ensure accuracy in meeting your needs, kindly provide the following details:

         - Dimensions (if applicable)

         - Color preferences

         - Content

         - Reference style images


    Order Confirmation and Service Terms:


    1. Order Confirmation

       - Your order submission implies your agreement with the following terms and conditions.


    2. Service Scope

       - We specialize in providing design services, including electronic and original design files, excluding the production or delivery of physical products.


    3. Pricing and Payment

       - Pricing will be determined based on service type, scale, and complexity, and cannot be altered after confirmation.

       - Payment methods will be specified upon order confirmation, requiring completion within the stipulated time.


    4. Revisions and Changes

       - Reasonable revisions will be entertained; however, extensive modifications beyond the agreed scope may result in additional charges or delayed delivery.


    5. Intellectual Property

       - Intellectual property rights for original designs transfer to the client upon final payment completion.

       - We reserve the right for portfolio display and promotion unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

       - If necessary, please explicitly state copyright ownership for designs.


    6. Order Cancellation

       - Cancelling an order may entail additional charges; kindly contact us before cancellation for relevant details.


    7. Delivery

       - Design files will be delivered after final payment completion, with specific delivery methods notified in advance.


    8. Applicable Laws and Dispute Resolution

       - This contract is governed by Malaysian law.

       - Any disputes should be resolved amicably; if unresolved, they will be submitted to the appropriate courts.


    These terms and notices are designed to ensure a smooth design process while safeguarding the interests of both parties. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.




























    • 您的订单提交即表示您同意以下条款和条件。



    • 我们专注于提供设计服务,包括电子文件和设计原稿文件,不包括任何实物制品的制作或交付。



    • 定价将基于服务类型、规模和复杂程度确定,并在确认后不可更改。

    • 付款方式将在订单确认时指定,需在指定时间内完成支付。



    • 我们将在合理范围内进行修订,但超出范围的修改可能会额外产生费用或导致交付延迟。



    • 原创设计作品的知识产权将在最终支付完成后转移给客户。

    • 我们保留作品集展示和推广的权利,除非另有书面协议。

    • 如有必要,请特别注明设计的版权。




    • 取消订单可能涉及额外费用,请在取消前与我们联系以了解相关细则。

    • 设计文件将在最终支付完成后交付,具体交付方式将提前通知。



    • 本合同受马来西亚法律管辖。




Instructions and precautions for placing an order

  1. Notice: In order to protect your rights, we will provide you with the utmost convenience and can make modifications until you are satisfied.

  2. Please note: To protect the efforts of the designer, once you are satisfied with the final draft, there will be no refunds or redos. However, minor adjustments and post-service support are available without any issues.

  3. PS: The source files for the final draft are one per order. If you need a second set of source files, please purchase them at the original price. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

  4. Product Description: Our shop only provides design services and does not handle printing or physical production.

  5. Ordering Process: After placing an order, please contact the designer via WhatsApp for further communication.

     Please provide the following information to the designer:

     - Size (if necessary)     

     - Colour preferences     

     - Content     

     - Reference style images (to ensure a more accurate design according to your needs)

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